Hey Im doing these again yhehaheahk

If anyone is interested please email me at
and fill this out please

  • Tumblr url: 
  • Art Type:
  • Character(s) ref: (IMAGE/LINKS ONLY)
  • Brief Character(s) info: 
  • Special requests: (pose/expression/nsfw/etc)
  • Background: 

about backgrounds; solid color and transparent bg is FREE. if you want a simple background or scenery i charge between +$3-$20! just give a description and ill let u know the exact $$$
Please give me up to 3 weeks to finish complicated commissions.
I work 5 days a week and paintings can take me up to a few days to a over a week………….
note: willing to draw anything besides mecha! If I am uncomfortable with something I’ll let you know.

30% OFF!! Only on detailed sketch and painted half body!! (additional characters do not count and price will remain the same as shown) My little sale ends Oct 24th at MIDNIGHT (MST)

hi, so i just got some of those koi watercolors for my bday (THEY ARE SO HELLA) so i was wondering if u have any tips?? or maybe like a link if someone has already asked this before haha

sorry for replying late!! im sure by now youve gotten it all figured out by now :S
i was taught rly qucik by a fdriend and rly theres not a lot to watercolor!!
watch how much water you use  (more water = lighter color, less water = either harder to get the paint on the brush or u manage to make a thick paint.) have some tissues with you when you watercolor with that stuff. I always do- like when u have made thick paint and apply t to the paper it could just be TOO dark for your liking
just use the tissue and pat it once, dont smudge. 
I usually end up using over 5 tissues for one picture sooo….
and happy belated brithday buddy :’)))

makin a mess 

I just saw that you're into naruto and I was wondering if you've ever drawn him?

i ODNT know……………….
I dont read the manga or watch the anime anymore. i tried to start reading it again recently but i couldnt get into it.I rly love the characters though……….like………..deidara and…..akatsuki………everyone rly
but no i dont think ive ever drawn naruto, some other characters but not blondie 

Design for game I’ll probably never actually start

Design for game I’ll probably never actually start

Where can I get a good but inexpensive medium tablet???? $100-150 at most??
I need to upgrade rly bad I’ve been using a small bamboo fun shit on a plate for 5 years IVE HAD ENIUGH


Here’s how Naruto should end: Last panel is Naruto standing proudly over Konohagakure. Slowly zoom out to reveal Luffy staring into a snowglobe with a miniature Konoha inside it. Usopp asks him what he’s doing. Luffy replies “Thinkin’ bout ninjas! Ninjas are cool!” and then chucks it off the ship





needs more girls…

more girls that aren’t corpses





Naruto confirmed to end in 5 weeks

i cant believe one piece won


hopingfordestiny replied to your post: hopingfordestiny said:I saw that …

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what was birds chapel going to be about?

i forgot
i dont even think it had a plot
good thing its dead now

im not sure if this has been asked like 1000000000 times before, but what is sinyaya kraska??????

A story me and a friend are working on.
Sinyaya kraska means blue paint in Russian
It’s suppose to b a webcomic but I’ve been procrastinating for bout 4 years now