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What watercolor stuff do you use? There's the brush and the palettes I just??? It looks like it would be so much easier to use than traditional tube/brush ones

Koi Watercolour Sketch box??
idk if its easier than the tube/brush stuff because ive never used them! But i would assume it would be? 
its also rly cute and portable
the brush has water inside of it so u can just squeeze the pen ( FUN)

I bought mine from amazon.ca for $35+ or more and I got my friend one the other day and shes in the US so its like 20 (on the american amazon)
I recommend it lol… „ .. 

Do you like milk

This ask makes me nervous

you could pirate it

what’s that

i just reblogged your drawing post/58974444440 and i want to be your best friend, it's amazing!

I already have a best friend. I’m not taking bestie applications atm ty have a nice day

Lmao or u could just pay for it?? Like I know $60 bucks is a lot but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than like every other art program :\

im not paying sixty fucking dollars on a program im barely gonna diddle around with on my grandparents laptop 

where can i download paint tool SAI full version  plzhelp

holy heck i just found your blog and your art is hella rad??? please keep creating hella rad art *o*

as long as I have this TRUSTY right hand I will continue on. ;* tyy

Hides arms behind shawl

Hides arms behind shawl

More white snowy chicks from cakiebakie.tumblr,com

More white snowy chicks from cakiebakie.tumblr,com

V nice just what we needed


Too many men let other dudes get away with saying all kinds of sexist shit and scoff at the very idea of women speaking out against misogyny

but some of these same guys throw a fucking fit when a girl refers to herself as a misandrist or a “man-hater”.

Yeah okay.





Here! I found one for you!

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hello cheerio my name is cakie, i will Not in fact do the bakie, also my characters names are really hard to pronounce probably.

I m shittin mysel f ERIN LOOK AT THIS